Versatile Nemesis

The Challenge

After suffering a year of major sales losses, Versatile wanted to change design direction to remain competitive, reclaim their market share, and attract new customers to the brand. 

They partnered with Brooks Stevens to support the product development and design of the new tractor series. The strategy was to develop a tractor lineup in the 175-210 horsepower range aimed at capturing a new segment of mid-range customers. Product design emphasis would be on optimal value, performance, and comfort.

Brooks Stevens has a revered history in the design and development of lawn and garden/agricultural equipment. Famed for their work on John Deere's first residential mower and for a legendary partnership with Briggs and Stratton, Brooks Stevens was the ideal partner for Versatile. 

The Solution

Brooks Stevens collaborated with Versatile on the design and engineering of Nemesis's cab interior. BSI also did the initial concept design for the overall vehicle, including the engine cover and fenders. 

Nemesis has one of the largest and most comfortable cabs in the segment. Features include a completely new right-hand console and controls, along with a new 10-inch monitor.

Other notable features include easily accessible storage and device holders located throughout the cab, a fully adjustable air suspension seat, and eight cab-mounted halogen lights and six bonnet-mounted lights.

“The Nemesis represents a new design direction for Versatile and you’ll see this design spread across future product models.” - Versatile’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

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