Power System Interface

The Challenge

Eaton is a leading manufacturer of Cooper Power series medium and high-voltage electrical equipment, components and systems that deliver reliable electric power to homes, industries, businesses and institutions worldwide. When developing the Form 4D Recloser, the first in a platform of fully integrated recloser controls, Brooks Stevens, Inc. was engaged to design a new interface system. This system was to be used in not only the Form 4D recloser control, but also across Eaton’s Cooper Power series control product line to ensure consistency.


The Solution

Brooks Stevens led a thorough research initiative to understand different groups of end-users: linemen and technicians, to understand their issues and struggles with the current interfaces. In-depth interviews and ethnography provided key insights and served as a design guide for our team. Our strengths in industrial and graphic design minimized user confusion and accommodated multiple configurations and uses. Furthermore, we provided Eaton with documented interface methodology for implementation across their Cooper Power series product lines.

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