Multi-Max Oscillating Tool

The Challenge

Brooks Stevens, Inc. is a longtime product development expert in the hand tool industry having worked extensively with Milwaukee Tool, Snap-on and Sioux Tools, among others.  This experience is the reason that Bosch turned to Brooks Stevens when they were looking to strategically conceptualize new power tools for the Dremel brand.

Dremel, known as a rotary tool maker, saw that  oscillating technology fit the brand’s virtue of versatility. At the time of conceptualization, there was only one company that offered a similar tool at a high price of $300. It was time to design the Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool: a tool that fits under the Dremel umbrella, appeals to the target audience and stays true to the brand. The goal was to develop a product that offered solid performance at a lower price point.

The Solution

Brooks Stevens provided the industrial design expertise, ergonomic insight and exterior CAD modeling skills to develop the Dremel Multi-Max, a multi-tasking tool which offers superior control, safe operation, high precision and minimal dust. The Multi-Max has a variety of uses: cutting, grinding, sanding, scraping and grout removal. The tool that does everything also features a Brooks Stevens-designed ergonomic grip, compact size and fast accessory changes. Through careful design, we ensured that the Multi-Max succeeded in appealing to both the pro and the hobbyist.

The Multi-Max Oscillating Tool exceeded sales forecasts by a 400%. Selling for $99, it was the best-selling power tool in North America in its year of launch. Positive user reviews say it best; an on-line reviewer summed it up, “Frankly the quality feel of this product coupled with its performance has me convinced that Dremel belted one out of the park on their Multi-Max.”

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