Milwaukee Electric Tool

Body Grip Router

The Challenge

Milwaukee Electric Tool’s new Body Grip™ router was designed specifically to accommodate the way professionals want to use the tool. Inspired by the findings of on-site observations and user interviews, which revealed that professional users often hold routers by their motor housing – not just the tool handles – for better control, Milwaukee Electric Tool and Brooks Stevens designed the new router with an ergonomic main housing gripping surface.

The Solution

The elastomeric Body Grip™ is contoured for both left and right hand use and will fit a range of hand sizes. A Velcro back strap provides additional security and control, while reducing muscle strain and fatigue during long term use. Tool adjustment can be made quickly with precise, yet simple, intuitive controls. The routers depth setting control can be accessed from the bottom of the router base, which simplifies depth adjustments when the tool is installed in a router table.

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