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Buzz Worthy Ty Transmitter

Cellwitch's TY Transmitter

Selected as CES Innovations 2011 Design & Engineering Award Honoree

November 29, 2010

Las Vegas, Nevada – The new Ty transmitter has been selected as a CES Innovations 2011 Design & Engineering Award honoree.  The new device was developed by parent company Cellwitch with mechanical design by BSI.

Cellwitch appraoched us with their concept of a wireless device attachable to valuables (like keys and wallets) and monitored by phone or computer to prevent their loss.  It also works in reverse to warn the users if they leave their cellphone behind.  Our engineering expertise ensured that the enclosure was small, manufacturable and accommodated the electronics.  We also addressed component assembly and buzzer implementation, assuring alerts were loud enough.  Bravo!

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